High-speed Server is good value

I use Vultr VPS now. This WordPress website is hosted on Vultr. The operating system uses Windows uploaded by myself.

Vultr is reasonable in terms of cost. I use a High-Frequency server. $24 per month. The configuration is: 2 CPUs, 4096MB of memory, 128GB of storage space (NVMe SSD), and 3000GB of monthly network traffic.

CPU clock reference: 3.79 GHz

There are several features in use:

You can upload the operating system ISO file yourself

Vultr has many common operating systems built in.

But if you want to use Windows, only the server version of Vultr‘s official website can be selected, and it may not be available (sold out). The cost is also relatively high (an additional $ 16 per month).

Therefore, you can upload the Windows ISO file yourself and purchase the serial number to activate it, which will save a lot of money.

You Can change fixed external IP

Using Snapshots to make a cloud host backup, you can add and restore machines in any Vultr server room, so the host content is the same, but the IP has changed.

Unlimited Snapshots backups

Making snapshots are unlimited. Starting from an extra $ 2 a month, it can automatically back up your cloud hosting.

American and European computer room selection

You can test the cloud host connection speed through this website.

Hosting Teaching

Take High Frequency as an example:

Press the blue circle to rent the machine.

Choose server. I rent a High Frequency server.

Choose a server room because I’m in Asia, only Tokyo and Singapore server rooms. Tokyo server room High-Frequency Server is out of stock, so I chose the Singapore server room.

There are many options for the operating system. If you want to set up WordPress, you can click Application in Server Type, and you can set up WordPress with one click.

If you want to use your own operating system, you can upload an ISO file. I chose to upload the operating system myself. If uploading to Windows, you must first add the Vultr driver to the ISO file. For related production methods, please refer to the follow-up teaching.

Choosing a machine plan, Windows runs a little harder with 2GB of memory. So I chose the $ 24 per month plan.

Finally, you can set whether to enable IPv6, monthly automatic backup, set up a private network, and so on.

When all is done, press “Deploy Now” to complete renting the machine.

Operating Cloud Server

Click Products, and click your server.

IP Adress is a fixed IP, usually with a fixed IP, you will also buy a domain. You can refer to this article to purchase a domain.

To enter the operating system operation screen of the cloud host, click “View Console”.

Now you can operate the server through a browser.

New users sign up for $ 100 free quota

If you want to try Vultr VPS, you can click on the link provided by me. There is a free trial of $ 100.

Further reading

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