A story about freedom

This is the story created by Quill in 2004.

Shel Silverstein created “The Missing Piece” and told me deep stories with simple lines, which inspired me a lot.

So I bought a pen mouse and tried to create a story about freedom.

But this story is not yet finished. I have wanted to complete this story several times in the past 10 years.

That pen mouse has been lost. No matter how I painted, I didn’t seem to be able to draw the same feeling. Maybe one day I will finish this story.

The completed drawings are as follows, and the full story is attached at the end of the article.

If you like this story and hope that I finish it, please let me know, it will be a great motivation for me!

Picture book content

Full story

  1. A heavy rain fell in the sky.
  2. The sunflower caught a small drop.
  3. However, it was caught immediately.
  4. It is kept in a beautiful perfume bottle.
  5. Various nutrients make it indigestible.
  6. It was stained with ink in the drawing lesson.
  7. It played the flute hard and couldn’t breathe.
  8. They hope it becomes a different water drop.
  9. Too many directions make it helpless.
  10. Even find a partner for it.
  11. The lack of freedom made him stiff.
  12. Eyes often peek behind it
  13. One day stretched out its sharp claws.
  14. The perfume bottle broke, and drop escaped from the cage.
  15. But the claws flew to catch immediately
  16. It hurried into the sink.
  17. Escape along the dirty pipes.
  18. It’s dark.
  19. It encountered another dark drop.
    “Are you also the escaped water drop?”
    “Yes, maybe we can go together.”

    “Let’s find a way to leave here first.”
    “I know two ways, one is going to the sewage treatment plant, where we will become the new clean water droplets, and the other is going to the unknown area, but we can be free.”

  20. They chose the way to freedom, and they were greeted by the sun at the entrance of the passage.
  21. The two small water droplets moved forward along the flowing water, and the river gradually washed their bodies.
  22. Thrilling scenes sometimes.
  23. Sometimes run into dense jungle.
  24. They finally came to the clear waterway.
  25. There are beautiful sunflowers everywhere.
  26. They are lying comfortably on the leaves together.
  27. A gust of wind blows them up.
  28. They flew forward in small clouds.
  29. Sometimes they pass by the rainbow.
  30. Tired, they lie on top and rest.
    “I want to set aside everything and start again, without all kinds of nutrients, forget the difficult talent show, only myself, a drop of clean water.”
    “I know a way to wash thoroughly.”

    “what way?”
    “Close your eyes and let yourself be blown by the wind, listen to the birdsong, and bask in the sun. The sun will bring us back to life.”

  31. They closed their eyes and jumped out of the comfortable small clouds.
  32. Baked in the hot sun, their bodies gradually became smaller.
  33. Gradually, only eyeballs and a little foam remain.
  34. The light body is carried to the top of the sky by the wind, where there is a huge cloud.
  35. They merged into it, and the clouds soon started emitting thunder and lightning.
  36. A heavy rain landing.
  37. A quiet little water drop lies in the arms of the sunflower again.