Advantages of

The main reason why I chose to buy a domain is:

  • Cheap
  • Free protect the privacy by using Promo code
  • Easy to use
  • Free e-mail forwarding is really cheaper

Compare the prices of and GoDaddy to buy .com domain is only 8.99 USD, and GoDaddy is 11.99 USD.

Register account

To purchase a domain through, you must first register an account. You can click this registration URL and you will get a discount code of $ 5. The article will finally provide other useful promo code!

Register an account, you need to fill in some information, fill in one by one.

Check the domain you want to buy

Enter the domain name or keyword you want to buy, and a list of available purchases will be listed. For example, enter mywebsitesample999, it will list, .net, .org, and other domains available for purchase.

Confirm the domain you want to buy, click “ADD TO CART” to add it to the shopping cart, and then checkout.

If you have a need to send domain letters via Gmail, you can purchase the G SUITE, which will increase by $ 3 a month. Then click “Next Step: Checkout” to enter the checkout page.

You can enter a promo code on the checkout page.

You can pay by credit card or PayPal, and finally press “Complete Order”, the domain is bought. People with sharp eyes may find that my checkout amount is $ 4.99 less. It’s a promo code. I used a promo code.

Management domain

After buying a domain, you can start binding IP to a subdomain. In the “ACCOUNT” option, click the domain name to enter the management interface.

Click “Manage DNS Records” to set the IP and domain name to be bound.

Fill in the subdomain name and corresponding IP. The subdomain name can be blank, it will bind to the root domain. For example, binding to This setting will take effect in a few seconds.

Extra function: Email forwarding has additional free features: email forwarding, URL forwarding.

For example, you can set a mailbox as and forward it to

Under the “ACCOUNT” option, click “Email Forwarding” to set.

(Note: It is not possible to send a mail from to Please use another mailbox for testing.)

Promo Code: Free Domain Whois Privacy

Using the “PRIVACYPLEASE” promo code, you can get free Advanced Security + Privacy Whois Privacy .

Sign up for an account and get a $ 5 discount!

If you want to try the service, you can register an account through this link and you will get a discount of $ 5.